The Bite Of A Crab Spider

Crab spiders are an absolutely unique species of spiders. They don’t build webs to catch their prey. Actually, crab spiders have the ability to use camouflage and ambush with the purpose to catch a prey. They are colorful spiders, which can perfectly blend into the environment. The crab spider can be seen on plants or flowers, where it sits waiting for its prey. Some crab spider species have the ability to chance colors, depending on the environment in which they live.

Well, one of the main questions that people ask regarding crab spiders is if they are poisonous or not. Can a crab spider hurt with its bite? Are any of the crab spider family poisonous? Are crab spider venomous? Are crab spider poisonous to humans? These are just few of the most common questions regarding this species. Do not worry, as you will find all the answers here.


Crab spiders possess venom, which they need to hunt. Hunting is done with the use of the camouflage technique. So, what these spiders do is blend in with the environment, waiting for a prey. When the prey comes, they grab it with their powerful front legs. They hold the prey while paralyzing it with a venomous bite. So, crab spiders do possess venom, which they use to catch a prey. However, in case you get bitten, you should not be that worried.

The venom of a crab spider is not deadly to humans. The bite can be deadly to insects, but humans should not fear these spiders. However, there can be cases in which people develop complications due to a crab spider bite. Such complications can include irritation, allergic reactions, as well as severe itch. Still, such reactions are only experienced in few cases. In the great majority of situations, there are no problems linked to the bite of a crab spider.

There are cases in which people are allergic to the venom of the crab spider, too. In such situations, seeing a doctor is important for diagnosis and treatment.

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