Australian Crab Spiders

If you are like me and have trouble facing spiders then there is one spider which you will find is not such a scary and threatening looking arachnid. The crab spider is one of the smaller spiders in the arachnid kingdom and because many of them have bright colors to blend in with green leaves or yellow flowers their looks are not so grotesque. The Australian outback as well as the cities and towns have some very dangerous spiders which are harmful to humans however the little Australian crab spider is a non venemous species.

The flower crab spider as it is known in Australia has a smooth and shiny body which is part of its camoflague to help it survive. Just like its beautiful surroundings the flower crab spider is normally colored the same as the plant or flower it is living on. As normal in the arachnid world the male crab spider is smaller than the female, the females legs being bigger and broader to help with nest making and other duties of the female.

Most Australian crab spiders grow no bigger than one centimeter in size if they live to maturity however like many creatures in the wild the female lays many eggs to ensure the survival rate is acceptable. Because these spiders are non venomous they are easy prey to birds and other insects so having many young is a sure fire method to help at least a few survive the ordeal of growing up in nature.

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