Are Crab Spiders Poisonous?

If you are curious about crab spiders and if they are poisonous or not, we should set a thing straight from the start. What does poisonous mean? According to the meaning of poisonous refers to items capable of killing while acting like a poison. The term has the same meaning as toxic and venomous.

In case of this type of spider, unlike any others, the answer of the question in the title can be both yes and no. Yes is just in the case of some small creatures with which crab spiders may get to interact, like bees. Bees may be larger than crab spiders, but these spiders have the power to paralyze them with their poison. They often simply sit and wait patiently for their prey, like the aforementioned bees to land somewhere near them and surprise them with a blitz attack. In cases like these, the bees die because of the venom of crab spiders.

For humans, the answer to the question in the title is clearly no. This does not mean that people can get bit by crab spiders and get away with it. They might (but not necessarily) be victims of allergic reactions or irritations, however, nothing really serious. People rarely interact with crab spiders because they live in places like gardens or woods, where they can hid under leaves, which are part of their usual environment. Fortunately, the crab spiders do not represent a danger for people.

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